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Турция Мармарис Sk.63 No:165
The drone in Marmaris and aero filming of 4K video


Marmaris is the beautiful resort, but all its magnificence opens from height of bird's flight. The quadcopter will help us to see from above everything that is available only to birds. Shooting of video from the quadcopter in 4K is great way to achieve at once two goals: to record you or your event in Marmaris and at the same time to make it in all width and height that to miss nothing from shot, having shown all beauty of this resort on the bank of the Aegean Sea. But, video from the quadcopter it not only view of Marmaris from height taking the breath away. It also the remarkable tool on stabilization of shot and interesting, and at times and unique point to the shooting unavailable at normal video filming that makes the quadcopter the irreplaceable photographer during creation of photo you and your events.


Video and photo from the drone

The quadcopter or the drone - the device allowing to shoot video or photo from the most effective foreshortenings unavailable at shooting of video in the normal way: from hands, from support or on the run of and with stick selfie. Where it is necessary to take topside view where wiring of shot from the person on the surrounding area and where just there is no place for distance between the operator and the subject of video. For example, close survey site, scary high ledge on the rock, mountain falls...
And what you will do if you on the yacht? You need to rent one more yacht with the operator onboard turned around you? All these tasks are undertaken by the quadcopter: when you film by drone in Marmaris – it is assistant and way to keep the best moments of your rest. Shooting of video you, your rest, event to show the atmosphere of your vacation, places where you are in the full scale and width. And if the hero of video not you personally, and friends, colleagues, fellow travelers and participants at the event, and especially when in video landscapes of the nature, the yacht become full participants, the ships, the beach, the atmosphere of the resort and the city of Marmaris entirely, shooting of video from the quadcopter - the ideal decision.

The prices of shooting from the quadcopter

We tried to designate for some standard works the specific amount, for understanding of an order of the prices of this or that material type which you at this price receive.

фото с квадрокоптера

The quadcopter -  technical device which is it seems simple for operating, but a task becomes difficult when it is necessary not just to fly, but provide with this flight the most effective and artly advantageous positions of the camera, a point of shooting and right dynamics in video. And it means - critical dependence on shooting conditions, on type of shooting, problems of shooting, and the subject. Temporary costs and labor costs are so striking in different cases that job evaluation on time of 100€/hour - the most fair size for both parties, and do not forget to use our discounts up to-75% per hour. So after 4 hours of shooting you pay only 25€ per hour. That who does not want to understand our prices of different work types, we decided to write ready packages. So choose the best for you.

"Shooting of video". The simplest - we fly and film. All files we give to you as it is: without processing, color correction and imposing of sounds, music and credits.

Cost: for an hour of $100 at increase in operating time - discounts: in the second hour of €75, for the third $€50, for the fourth and further only €25


“Basic package” Video 1 minute. Shooting 1 hour. The standard offers on shooting of video from the quadcopter: you and Marmaris in one shot, dynamic change of plans. Simply, but cool and beautiful. The most demanded offer: imprint on video by, the friends and fellow travelers, an event, the moment, location in the beautiful place for memory, etc.: a short sketch from the person or group of people in a shot and the general plan in style "We Were Here and Look as Here Cool!" Filming video of 3-4 plans and flights 1 hour shooting of video records and their accumulation for creation of short minute video.

Then installation + color correction + music as a result we give to you the beautiful video lasting 1 minute.

Cost: works on shooting + video: €212.

On all ready packages - a discount of-10%

Total: €190


“Video report package” Video of 6 minutes. Operating time on shootings the same 1 hour, but the video it is possible to make longer. For example: lasting at 2 averages musical a track - the 6th minute completely mounted video with processing of color correction and music.

Cost: works on shooting + video: €437

On all ready packages - a discount of-10%

Total: €395


“De Luxe package” Video 3 minutes. Shooting of 6 hours. Smart video clip. For such large number of time of works we can change several locations, you will be able to change clothes, be replaced day with evening, or morning. Then you can choose the most effective video fragments and to process with all opportunities of post-production. Especially as at operating time on shooting more than 5 hours 2 points of processing from 6 - are free

Cost: works on shooting + video: €581

On all ready packages - a discount of-10% 

Total: €520


“Video package” Video of the 10th minute. Shooting of 10 hours. The full video about a travel, with all elements of post-production, diluted with photos and inserts of video with your remarks or other written-down video

Cost: works on shooting + video: €900

On all ready packages - a discount of-10%

Total: €810

The atmosphere – is too dangerous environment for the quadcopter. It sometimes, not just complicates work, and at times makes it impossible. For example, strong wind or sudden rain. Especially you can see it in the sea. Even just seagulls try to break process of shootings) And there are also such problems as the bans on shootings in certain places, or on the contrary for shootings of stunning video it is necessary to leave Marmaris somewhere far away.

Therefore, despite some called prices of shooting of video from the quadcopter in Marmaris, will be correct in addition to discuss cost before each project separately, specifying all details.

Be recognized, you arrived to Marmaris in order that your rest was bright, memorable and effective. Chose the place, purchased tickets, picked up hotel, tours, excursions, generally did a lot of cases and enclosed a lot of energy in order that the holiday was successful. So do not allow to be forgotten to every moment! Video from the quadcopter in Marmaris will remind you of vacations. The sea, the sun, the beach, the nature and your vacation - a stunning travel always with you!

Video with cool views, a photo with the unique points of shooting unavailable to ordinary photographers - all at your disposal about VideoMarmarisRu.

Flexible setting up the budget, the choice of colorful places for video and photographing, full range of services on processing of video and a photo makes our offer attractive and irresistible.

And, above all – at the final you get video with stunning views of Marmaris and the main star - you!

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